VISION: Building luxury yachts towards sustainable living

Sunpower Yachts Australia is determined to improve the ocean world we live in. Join us on the journey towards clean living, solar electric sunpowered yachting.

Today, power is not always generated in a sustainable way – but with technology of today you could help us make it a reality. Products, materials, manufacturing, transportation and the usage of yachts are all areas that need our support. Our mission is to take on these issues and consequently improve the way we will live to preserve oceans for the next generations to come.

Sunpower Yachts Australia have taken action through leading the development of new technologies, embracing solutions for the clean business economy and conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way, is the way to move forward. We are constantly searching for better and greener technology that improves performance to be used in our yachts. Our Solar Roof System is one example of our efforts, but we are fully aware that there is still much work to be done.

Battery circularity will become a key focus in the yachting industry and Sunpower Yachts have committed to minimizing the environmental impact of lithium ion-batteries. Sunpower Yachts Australia together will help drive technology, to you the new owner of one of                                                                  Sunpower Yachts will help to transform the international boating industry and create endless opportunities for sustainable solar electric propulsion system and drive chain solutions.

With our connection’s global technology connections, we have a strong business foundation for our sustainability production. Our dream of an unlimited solar electric world powered by the sun will become a reality as more buyers lean towards clean energy living by giving faith in the products that are available that have been keep of the market for far too long. We are heading in the right direction now without compromise. We are all responsible globally to protect our oceans and change to the Sunpower way of living.

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SUNPOWER YACHTS is a solar electric luxury yacht brands harnessing uncompromised design and leading-edge technology