Alva Yachts builds up a global dealer network for their electric yachts

Alva Yachts builds up a global dealer network for their electric yachts

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The German based manufacturer of electric yachts and floating solutions has signed contracts with environmentally conscious yachting dealers from across the world. Alva Yachts has seen strong interest from dealer partners in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and ASIA. However North America is particularly strong. This is driven by incredibly strong consumer demand for luxury solar powered catamarans.

„We are very proud to announce our global network and look forward to further grow as a company with the new gained partners all over the world.” Says Mathias May Managing Director at ALVA YACHTS


Alva Yachts, a German manufacturer of electric catamarans and yachts, and floating villas, has established their road map for 2021.

  • Alva Yachts has implemented a network expansion strategy that is underlined by the strong mutual partnership with top industry distributors and dealers.

  • Yacht Sales International from Fort Lauderdale, with offices also in Cape Coral (Florida), Annapolis (Maryland) and Chicago (Illinois) will be the exclusive distributor for North America.

  • Arctic Cruise in Norway (ACIN) from Tromsø will be the distributor for Norway and dealer in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic area.

  • Sunpower Yachts Australia, based in Queensland, is the new dealer for Australia and, thanks to their office network, also for New Zealand, Cyprus and the Ukraine.

  • MBC Yachts from Dubai, UAE will become? Alva Yachts Distributor in the Emirates and the whole Gulf Cooperation Council area (Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar, Oman).

  • Alva Yachts is currently in talks with potential Distributors for the ASIA region. This is a key market for the Company, as there’s high interest by customers for sustainable and luxurious yachting.

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Dennis de Roos (Alva Yacht’s Interim Commercial Director) says; “The main focus is on the growth of the Company and the network expansion, with the implementation of a strong dealer structure around the world. To support this mission, the Alva management has established very important partnerships with distributors and dealers in the key yachting areas of the world, where electric and emission-free sea travel has become a key requirement.”


Alva Yachts has appointed Yacht Sales International from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as the sole distributor for North America.

Beside the main headquarters, the Company also has offices in Cape Coral (Florida), Annapolis (Maryland) and Chicago (Illinois).

Yacht Sales International has already purchased the first Ocean Eco 60 as their demonstration yacht, which will be used in key boat shows and for promoting the brand across the USA. They are also already in advanced conversation with multiple customers who want to purchase an Ocean Eco 60 and the Ocean Eco 90 Explorer yachts.

Mr. Udo Willersinn, founder and CEO? at YachtSalesInternational, states: “With over 5 years’ experience of educating customers and marketing efforts, we have a large customer base of electric/hybrid enthusiasts. Alva Yachts brings a logical progression in size/range capabilities from our current electric/hybrid offerings.  The shallow cruising waters in South Florida, as well as the Caribbean and Bahamas makes catamarans an attractive solution”.

He then adds: “Alva Yachts is our next step in offering a line of yachts that align with our value proposition to provide North America with a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to yachting.  As our climate changes, we also must change.  Alva provides a sensible solution to emission free cruising with comfort and longevity. Living off the grid, silently becomes the new normal with Alva Yachts”.



Arctic Cruise in Norway AS (ACIN) has been into the market since 2015, and is now partner for distribution of Alva Yachts for Norway. Based in Tromsø, the Company first business is offering HNWI the cruise of their dreams, offering them the best experience in the Arctic area aboard emission- and noise- free yachts. Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and midnight sun are best enjoyed while in total immersion with the nature:

“that is why ACIN went to look for a shipyard capable of building electric yachts with top-notch technology, and found in Alva Yachts the right partner. In particular, yachts by Alva had not only the electric engine, but also an exchange system for heating / cooling system, exchanging seawater into heating, a very important issue when travelling in the Arctic and part of the ECO perspective”, says  Kurt Arild Larsen, founder and CEO at ACIN.

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Sunpower Yachts Australia has signed an agreement with Alva Yachts and will be the exclusive distributor and dealer for the Alva Yacht brand in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to their extensive sales office network, Sunpower Yachts will also cover the markets of Cyprus and Ukraine. The uncompromised design and cutting-edge technology of Alva is what impressed the company and to meet the needs for their customers. Their customers want to enjoy the pleasures of cruising in crystal-clear waters, but in a silent and environmentally conscious way. Grant Hudson and Mathias May, founders of Sunpower and Alva resepectively, share the same passions as they both love cruising and enjoying the ocean, and wish to protect it for generations to come.


MBC Yachts from Dubai, UAE will be the distributor and dealer for Alva Yachts in the Emirates and the entire Gulf Cooperation Council area (Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar, Oman). Both companies are now exploring opportunities in the region to meet consumer demand for state-of-the-art electric boating in total luxury and environmentally conscious living on the ocean

ALVA YACHTS Ocean Living

ALVA YACHTS Ocean Living


Alva Yachts sees ASIA as a key growth region and one of strategic importance for the network expansion plan. We have seen a significant increase of ASIAN customers that are looking for electric propulsion yachts, but also a premium product that is well suited for long distance and silent cruising. Alva Yachts is now looking for a strategic distributor partner that has the same passion for sustainable yachting and that can provide excellent customer service across the ASIA region.

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