●       OCEAN ECO 78 is a 23.7m catamaran, available with fully electric drive and comes fuel cell ready ●       Spacious layout and dramatic new styling ●       The solar cells provide up to 26kWp, battery bank capacity up to 490kWh ●       Twin 217kW electric motors (standard version) and a top speed of 14-15 knots ●       Has …

Revealing the new a collection of interiors for ALVA’s electric catamarans

The five moods; Mountain, Forest, Desert, Dune and Sea provide a starting point for customers to start their journey on how they would like their boat to look in terms of colours, fabrics, and materials. Each boat comes with a custom layout and material selection that, teamed with numerous exterior options, results in every customer …

The story behind Germany’s successful e-yacht brand ALVA

ALVA Yachts opens its doors! ALVA Yachts, the innovative manufacturer of luxury solar power yachts, has reached its next product and company development stage. Our customers and industry colleagues want to know more about where we started and who is behind ALVA Yachts. The company was originally called Pica Yachts. Pica Yachts started in 2013 …

Step inside the heart of ALVA’s flagship: Ocean Eco 90

Our design Studio Henndesign handled the interior styling, opting for a calm, warm and contemporary look, with light fabrics, natural leathers and wood tones. Panels on the walls are textured natural materials to create a luxurious and cosy feeling. The space features a big walk-in closet, a personal desk, a next generation entertainment system, and …

Alva Yachts builds up a global dealer network for their electric yachts

The German based manufacturer of electric yachts and floating solutions has signed contracts with environmentally conscious yachting dealers from across the world. Alva Yachts has seen strong interest from dealer partners in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and ASIA. However North America is particularly strong. This is driven by incredibly strong consumer demand for luxury …

Successful First 12 Months of SUNPOWER Yachts! SP44

The first 12 months of Sunpower yachts has been a great success story with smooth sailing and not one hiccup! Across various testing days and much recreational use the SP44 has exceeded expectations for its effortless circumnavigating of the Gold Coast and northern QLD area. Testing of solar input, battery storage units, speed efficiency and …

Ocean Eco 60 Series Production Underway

Series production of the OCEAN ECO 60 is in full underway. . Our partners at Elica Yard are doing an excellent job in building the superstructure parts of the OE60 models. . Every step of the build is done with the highest precision and documented to ensure our customers are provided with the highest quality …

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