Grant Hudson has a history dating back to the 1970s in regards to electric propulsion systems that started with his electric remote-control speed boat and car at age 5.

At 7 years of age Grant could not understand why we were using fossil fuels when the first electric vehicles were in use as early as 1850s and the fact that his electric remote-control boat was faster than big boats on the water.

Grant first leant how to drive boats at age 5 taught by his father who navigated the best ocean fishing locations in Australia as a way to feed his family special seafood meals. Grant said his father always said we only need to catch what we needed allowing the ocean to regenerate. Grant currently has surpassed an estimate of ocean hours but the best was to describe his experience at sea is 45 years boating experience with a simple compass.

At age 21 Grant owned his first cabin cruiser a 24ft Haines Hunter that he lived on for over 2 years on the beautiful Gold Coast Australia. After this time, he bought and sold many boats that needed love and attention renovating the whole cruiser inside and out and then selling for a profit. He moved up to larger cruiser such as 35ft mustangs until one day he could not stand the backdraft of fossil fuels coming into the driver’s helm station. Thus, the journey began.


Grant began to investigate solar electric propulsion systems and collaborated a team of experts in this field to figure out a new way to create and code a solar electric propulsion drive train for a custom yachts that could travel unlimited range without fuel.

SUNPOWER YACHTS AUSTRALIA was born out of lots turbulence relevant to the ocean before it found calm water with a true vision to take solar electric propulsion to the next level.

Sunpower-yachts news & stories

Sunpower-yachts news & stories

“The ocean is for us to explore not to destroy”

Grant started designing his vision what he believed to be the most popular and affordable size yacht the 44 and spent over 1-year R&D on the initial plans to make the yacht as perfect as possible in every way for the elderly retiring or retired sports sedan that has no flybridge to families to the next generation of youngsters entering the yachting world for the first time with a flybridge, even a charter version for small business or the larger family use that sleeps 7-9 patrons.

This yacht would have enough solar power on the top deck to power all onboard appliances, including the majors air-conditioning, watermakers, tv, stove, oven, fridge and lighting. Grant already had proof of many boats using the technology but wanted to integrate it one more stage by reducing the overall weight of a 2-3 story yacht to approx 11 tons which he achieved.

Sunpower Yachts Australia has zero emissions, No fuel needed, No oil, No gas needed, No Engine Service.

This yacht was designed for luxury and freedom of bills and location with a way and means to retire as the Sunpower 44 is all you need to unplug and live a luxury lifestyle off the grid as you explore the beautiful oceans around us.

Sunpower Yachts Australia have now contracted the best superyacht building managers that Australia has to offer the boat building industry who will take the vision and turn the designs of the Sunpower Yachts into reality.

We welcome you to email or call us to book an appointment to go through a brochure price lists and specifications sheet for your new Sunpower 44 or yachts that we support in the solar electric field online right here.

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