Revealing the new a collection of interiors for ALVA’s electric catamarans

Revealing the new a collection of interiors for ALVA’s electric catamarans

The five moods; Mountain, Forest, Desert, Dune and Sea provide a starting point for customers to start their journey on how they would like their boat to look in terms of colours, fabrics, and materials. Each boat comes with a custom layout and material selection that, teamed with numerous exterior options, results in every customer being allowed to create their own ALVA.

Milan Henn, Lead Designer at ALVA Yachts, said: “We wanted to create a natural and cosy living environment for our customers whilst still feeling luxurious and being eco-conscious. We’re proud of how well thought out the ALVA interiors are, right down to the last detail. Customers also benefit from everything onboard being connected, from home entertainment to onboard electronics. It’s what makes our boats intelligent and future-proof, solidifying the concept of an ALVA Yacht providing a truly self-sufficient and unique living experience.”

Inspired by architecture, ALVA wants its clients to feel like they’re in a familiar environment, a home from home, rather than an alien vessel and believes the transition from land to the ocean should be seamless yet unique.

We are happy to announce the opening of a dedicated showroom in Hamburg, Germany, where customers will be able to view the interior styles and sample furniture and benefit from the interior design team on hand to guide customers through their choices.


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