High Level of Craftmanship and Quality at their best

In order to guarantee highest quality standards in combination with reliability and safety, we supervise and control the entire production process.

  • Designers and Naval Architects from Australia
  • German and European propulsion technology and innovation.
  • Australian Superyacht builders and engineers.

SUNPOWER YACHTS AUSTRALIA innovative design, SP brand and know-how are our company’sproperty.


Australian boat builders have been well known in the world for the highest quality boat and yacht building standards for decades with the latest in innovation and technology and visions of their products to date.

All building material and procedures are engineered to the highest level to make sure that every yacht is a proven work of art and will last for years after their manufacturer. technical components are supplied from trusted European brands with a worldwide service network.

Sunpower Yachts Australia personally install all the components of the propulsion system and drive-chain as well as the energy production and storage systems. Our team will also be available for worldwide service and warranty if required by our clientele.

The important components such as batteries, propulsion and powerful generators can be serviced remotely via the internet by our team.


SUNPOWER YACHTS AUSTRALIA has created a checklist to follow to ensure that you have peace of mind when ordering your yacht.

a) Sunpower Yachts Australia have an experienced team of naval architects who work full time on visiting the production facilities on a regular basis to ensure that the highest quality build procedures and standards are being adhered to.

b) We have an onsite superyacht building manger to over sea all our building teams manufacturing processes who has over 20 years’ experience building some of the largest superyachts to come out of Australian waters. He has always built all yachts to CE certification rules and regulations for build his processes which gives our clients peace of mind.

c) Our Australian surveyors control all steps of this production process that we have adopted in close collaboration with our naval architects that visit the shipyard when needed.

d) Our team monitor every stage of compliance and an external marine surveyor monitors the accomplishment of each stage that has been completed to ensure we are in compliance with CE and other regulations for the benefit of our clientele.

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