• Powerful electric motors that deliver between 25kW to 500kW of continuous power with Sunpower Systems ranging at 48v to 400 volts.
    (Available for inboards, outboards or saildrives.)
  • 48v low voltage systems up to 400v high voltage lithium-ion battery systems
  • 12v- 24v – 240v power supply for your boat/yacht power supplies.
  • High powered diesel generator which only automatically runs if current solar and battery power requirements are exceeded.
  • Onshore power chargers are able to be used for charging the system from the AC mains supply in port.
  • Monitors are the onboard computer connection of the system that enables you to view and read all inputs and outputs of battery and solar charge levels and controls the systems usage.
  • Solar Panels recharge the main battery bankswhilst driving or mooring.
  • Solar charge controllers and receivers calculates and manages solar input via MPP Tracking.
  • Electric throttles control the speed and performance of the electric motors. You have a choice or single ortwin remote throttles for your drive systems.
  • Each size yacht or boat has different wight,length,height and all of these calculations need to be taken into consideration when choosing the correct system for your vessel with our specialists.



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48v Propulsion System
48v Propulsion System
  • 25kw motors
  • 30kw battery pack
  • Solar power 2kw sun charge
96v Propulsion System
96v Propulsion System
  • 30kw motors
  • 30kw battery pack
  • Solar power 4kw sun charge


144v Propulsion System
144v Propulsion System
  • 50kw motors
  • 70kw pack
  • Solar power 1.6kw – 9.6kw sun charge
400v Propulsion System
400v Propulsion System
  • 135kw e-motors
  • 140kw battery pack
  • Solar power 1.6kw – 9.6kw sun charge
400v Propulsion System
400v Propulsion System
  • 2 x 250kw e-motors include inverters
  • 320kw battery pack
  • 2 x 100kw generators
  • Solar power 4.8kw –12kw sun charge


(55ft – 100ft up to 30 tons)
400v System – (Approx 10-11knots cruising speed)(top speed range from approx 19knots 80ft)
  • 2 x 500kw e-motors (contact us for quote) include inverters
  • 320kw battery pack Plus +
  • 80ftPlus +
  • Up to 30 tons in weight
  • Solar power min 4.8kw – up to maximum roof size sun charge
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    Advice on all solar electric propulsion systems with one of Sunpower Yachts Solar Electric consultants regarding questions aboutin-depth functions without disclosure of our suppliers of specific components attracts a fee.

    • Propulsion System Advice $900.00 AUD+ gstper hour for any enquiry’s
    • Solar Panels
    • Electric engines
    • Configurations
    • Computer technicians
    • Engineering
    • Components
    • Configuration

    We do not except over the phone enquiries without first having enquired online via our email enquiry form. Please complete this step first by using the below button.



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    Sunpower Yachts Safety Schedule

    You should be aware of standards and compliance and Sunpower Yachts Australia has no exceptions and only uses marine grade IS International Standards batteries and integrated system components in their propulsion systems.

    Safety during the development of a hybrid drive system is one of our key points of our design and engineered coding.

    Over the years Sunpower Yachts Australia has spent on developing the Sunpower Propulsion System Drive Chain we have followed safety concepts designed by the companies that have spent years on IS procedures.

    In addition, solar electrical drive chains for electric yachts have challenges that we have overcome. There are no off the shelf components to allow a high voltage propulsion system to work. Sunpower Yachts Australia has designed new systems to integrate key components relevant to allow the concept to communicate in a safe way.

    Below you will find a examples of Sunpower Yachts Propulsion System Hybrid’s unique concept which includes our standards for safer solar electric yachting.

Marine IS Battery Safety
Marine IS Battery Safety

The first marine safe lithium-ion batteries for the marine industry with the advanced standards within the marine industry. Sunpower Yachts Australia has a long-term collaboration with these
established battery and component manufacturers. The Integration of battery packs into the high voltage propulsion systems has been a collaboration of Sunpower Yachts our engineers and our battery manufacturers that has achieved a safe system from years of research and development

Battery Ventilation
Battery Ventilation

In the unlikely event that dangerous release of gases is released into the air Sunpower Yachts Australia have designed a safe ventilation system to counteract the event. The action is diverted safely of the yacht/boat.

Isolation System Monitors
Isolation System Monitors

Monitors that have high voltage components are completely isolated from within the yacht/boat. If an issue arises it will be detectedy the system and will auto-shutdown.

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    Yacht-builder Benefits

    Customer enquiry have significantly increased for solar electric propulsion system including power supply for environmental purposes. Sunpower Yachts Australia have created a turn key solution for yacht builders to simplify the process and create a high voltage system.

    The system is reliable with easy-to-use monitors for your customers with a unique range of voltage systems ranging from 48v to 400v systems with a wide range of e-motors and battery packs for all your requirements.

    Custom Built Sunpower Yachts Systems

    Custom made systems are the most difficult to produce but not impossible for Sunpower Yachts Australia. We understand high net-worth individuals have specific needs and requirements and we can adapt to suite and move through all the difficulties that these systems raise:

    • High voltage components do not exist for the custom projects. Components like High-voltage safe HV systems configuration parts including lithium-ion batteries. This requires an in-depth configuration and design process to succeed including in-depth team discussions with engineers and specialists. Sunpower Yachts teams have already had proven success in this field so it makes sense to have us on you side.
    • Building an electric hybrid system requires all-inclusive R and D with experts in many fields which costs millions of dollars to accomplish.
    • The system build process must comply with marine international safety standards. Custom hybrid electric systems with bits and pieces of parts do not normally comply but Sunpower Yachts has agreements in place with marine IS approved regulations process. Yachts that require custom propulsion systems and drive chains would need CE certification therefore Sunpower Yachts can ensure that the correct compliance is in place.
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    Sunpower Yachts covers all the requirements of eco-friendly clients by offering a turnkey system that is compliant with IS which comes with a guarantee.
    • Sunpower Yachts Propulsion System was created by extensive research & development wih many teams in cooperation with each other with many years’ experience
    • Sunpower Yachts are responsible for the operation and compliance of the turn key package of the complete system offered.
    • Sunpower Yachts Systems can be used for solar electric yachts, boats, ferry’s and any other water DEEP BLUE HYBRID for electric ferrys and catamarans like our Sunpower 44 solar electric yacht


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